INVEST IN S&P500 STOCKS using crypto.

Welcome to STONKS, your gateway to hassle-free and accessible cryptocurrency investment in the world's most renowned stock indices, the S&P 500. With STONKS, you can now effortlessly diversify your crypto portfolio and venture into traditional financial markets, all from the convenience of Telegram.



No KYC is required to use STONKS, so you can freely invest in the stock market without having to provide identification.

No trading restrictions exist on our platform, unlike day trading, so you can invest as much as you like without worrying about platform restrictions.

Trading is only available during real stock hours to give an authentic experience, and to ensure orders don't get filled when you don't want them to.

be a part

of the revolution.

How We Index Stocks:

We utilise an advanced API to accurately index stocks, known for its accuracy and reliability, to ensure that you get the most precise and up-to-date information about your investments.

How User Transactions Are Processed:

Your transactions are handled with care and expertise by our dedicated team. Each transaction undergoes a comprehensive review to ensure that your requests are executed accurately.

How We Store Your Data:

Our data is securely stored in a sophisticated back-end database. This advanced storage system ensures efficient access for our bot, guaranteeing that it operates with speed and precision. We also safeguard your sensitive information and cannot access or manipulate your stock purchases in any way.